Warranty Policy

All ASOMX laser machines are guaranteed free for three years

No matter what problems you encounter during the warranty period, we will do our best to provide you with satisfactory service. In order to ensure that you can enjoy a complete warranty, you should read our warranty terms carefully to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Warranty Period
The warranty period is 36 months, counting from the day the laser machine arrives at the port of destination.

What Does the Warranty Cover?

The warranty on all ASOMX products covers:
We are responsible for the maintenance of the equipment within the warranty Regular telephone and e-mail check-ups and maintenance advice.
Return damaged or defective parts to our factory for repair or replacement.
Extra maintenance after the warranty period.

Detailed principles

Equipment warranty: 3 years. Based on the machine’s arrival date at the port of destination.

Details are as follows:
A) Laser module warranty:
The guarantee period of optical fiber module: Power under 1.5KW with a warranty of 2 years; over 2kw power for 3 years

B) CO2 tubes:
The warranty period of the RF tube is 1 year
CO2 glass tube 40W-60W warranty for 3 months, 80W warranty for 8 months, 100W-180W warranty for 10 months.

Warranty of peripheral devices

A) The warranty period of the peripheral device is 1 year, counting from the production date of the equipment. Maintained as standard by the equipment manufacturer, the company to assist in maintenance. Peripheral devices including water chiller, Fan, air pump, water pump and so on.

B) The user must maintain the integrity and independence of the machine during the operation. The company shall not be responsible for any warranty service under the following circumstances:
1. Using equipment in an environment that is not designed properly.
2. Unauthorized modification of machinery, including adding parts, reducing parts, disassembly, use of other brand parts, etc.
3. Machine damage caused by failure to operate and maintain as specified in the instruction manual.
4. Damage caused by movement or transport.
5. Warranty does not cover consumables such as lenses, belts, switches, gas nozzles, feet, wheels, keys, press boards, etc.

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