Metal Laser Cutter

Metal laser cutter can output laser beam with high energy density, focus on the surface of the workpiece, and make the area irradiated by ultra-fine focal spot melt and vaporize instantaneously. Automatic cutting is realized by the mechanical system of the CNC laser machine to move the spot position, with high speed and high precision.

afn cnc fiber laser metal cutting machine

AF-N Series

Open-type Laser Metal Cutting Machine

afs cnc laser cutting machine

AF-S series

Exchange Table Plate and Pipe Cutter

AF-E series

Exchange Table Metal Laser Cutting Machine

afr cnc fiber laser cutting machine

AF-R series

Single Table Tube and Sheet Laser Cutter

afp cnc fiber laser cutter

AF-P series

Fully Enclosed High Power Fiber Laser Cutter

AF-G series

Enclosed Tube and Plate Laser Cutting Machine

af1390 high precision cnc laser cutter


High Precision Laser Cutter

aft cnc fiber tube laser cutting

AF-T series

Professional Tube Laser Cutting Machine

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