Single Table Plate and Tube laser cutting machine

AF-R Series
afr series cnc fiber laser cutting machine

Features of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Product Details and Configuration

All the details and configuration can be customized according to your processing requirements
cnc fiber laser cutter afr machine

Aluminum alloy beam

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Cutting head

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Optic cable

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Pneumatic chuck

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Collecting drawer

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Guide rail

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Support roller

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Technical Parameters

Model No. AF-R Series
Laser Power 1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W/4000W
Laser Wavelength 1080±10nm
Laser Type Single-Core Junction Semiconductor Module
Cutting Head Swiss Raytools / German Precitec
Working Range 1500mm*3000mm
Optional Range 1500mm*4500mm
Min. Line Width ≤0.1mm
Worktable Max. Load 1000kg
Max. Acceleration 1.5G
Max. Moving Speed 120m/min
Control System Cypcut & Cyptube System
Positioning Accuracy ±0.01mm
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.02mm
Cooling Type Industrial Circulating Water Cooling
Graphic Format Supported DST, PLT, BMP, DXF, DWG, AI, JPG, DXP, PGN, TIF, LAS, etc.
Electricity Supply 220V/380V±10% 50/60Hz
Unit Power 18.6kw/21.1kw/25.8kw/28.8kw/32.1kw
Auxiliary Gas Compressed Air / Nitrogen / Oxygen
Operating Temperature 0°C-45°C
Working Humidity 45%-95% no condensed water
Laser Module Life 100000hours
Gross Weight 5650kg
Package Dimensions 7560*3350*1750mm

Delivering Precise and Consistent Cutting for Metal

Industrial-grade components give you faster motion, better accuracy and increased laser power
afr cnc fiber laser cutter

Unparalleled Cut Quality and Consistency

Industry-leading performance at an affordable price, ASOMX laser ensures accuracy and longevity with multiple power options

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